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Uber’s new policy for back seat romance

Uber’s new policy for back seat romance

Mumbai: A new Policy has been created by Uber according to which, if the passenger found making love at the back seat of its taxi, will be banned for life time.

It also says that the application of the user will be deactivated permanently if they make someone drink, spill beverages inside the vehicle or behave aggressively with their drivers.
This policy has been implemented in The United States- in December last year and it will come in force in India by this month. The guidelines for the passengers have been put up on its Indian website.

Some of the important guidelines are, “You shouldn’t touch or flirt with other people in the car. As a reminder, Uber has a no-sex rule. No matter what you should not hit or hurt a driver or the fellow passenger. No using abusive language or gestures like verbal threats, asking personal question or comments which are aggressive enough to start a fight would also result in life time ban”.

A representative of the company said, “No physical contact among passengers of a sexual nature will be tolerated and the person via whose application the ride was booked will be banned from using it.”

Many complaints from the Uber driver about couple making love on the back seat of the taxi have been registered by the company.

“Lot of people engages in sexual activities which i don’t like. I can say them anything to them, they may rate me bad and that will cause me to pay penalty of Rs 250 to Rs. 500. Issue of police stopping us also arises, but now I have right to complain it to Uber,” says a taxi driver.