UN Rights Council to be boycotted by North Korea

UN Rights Council to be boycotted by North Korea

Foreign Minister Ri Su-yong accused the council of politicisation, selectivity and double standards and of “singling out” North Korea for criticism.

North Korea said it will no longer take part in UN Human Rights Council session examining its rights record.
The UN council has repeatedly criticised North Korea over its treatment of its citizens.

In response to the North’s fourth test of a nuclear weapon and its launching of a satellite, UN Security Council is set to vote on the new measures on its fourth test.

In his statement to the Council, Mr Ri also accused the US and others of paying “so-called North Korean defectors” for their testimony.

He said North Korea would “never, ever be bound” by any resolution adopted by the Council.

A UN report of 2014 also accused the North of systematic, widespread and grave violations of human rights, including disappearances, forced labour, torture, rape and infanticide.