Thursday , August 24 2017

Union minister hails KCR over DBR house scheme

Union minister hails KCR over DBR house scheme

Union minister Vijay Goel today appreciated functioning of the TRS government led by K Chandrasekhar Rao.

The Union minister, after visiting Erravelli village in Siddipet district, where he inspected double bed rooms houses which were recently handed over to the poor, said the double bed room scheme launched by KCR meant for poor and middle class people is a role  model for other States. After inspecting the double bed room scheme, the Union minister opined that this scheme being implemented by Telangana government is a model for Central government. Chief minister Chandrasekhar Rao,  with launching of this scheme made impossible scheme a possible one, the Union minister said, adding that he will bring to the notice of the Prime Minister and discuss to implement this scheme across the country.

The union minister also thanked Chief Minister KCR for supporting demonetization decision of the Prime Minister to curb black money and corruption in the country. Goel also visited Warangal Lakkavaram cheruvu.

Earlier, Union minister Goel and KCR had a meeting. The Chief Minister urged the Union minister to set up a regional games centre for which the former assured that a regional games center would be established in Hyderabad.

The Union minister said, “I met Telangana Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao yesterday and came to know about Eravelli village. Then I came here where 600 houses were constructed for the poor at a low cost. I felt very happy. Like Prime Minister Narendra Modi is working hard in the country for the welfare of the poor especially the common man, a similar effort I found here. People are happy with the houses. It built a confidence among the people. I saw this community hall. I say KCR garu and others are doing a wonderful job here.

“These 600 houses built at a low cost of Rs 5, 04,000, in which there is some contribution from the Central and the rest is borne by the State. I understand that the state government is taking this programme forward. More interesting aspect of this village is its neatness and cleanness as well education. I understand that water problem is also being solved. I also want to congratulate KCR Garu for supporting the demonetization scheme of the PM. The CM and Telangana State have fully supported it. The CM told me that a resolution was also passed in the State legislative Assembly in this regard. The CM also informed that 81 villages in the State are being made demonetized and cashless. This is a very great step. If both the Centre and State work together, there will be faster development.” (NSS)