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United Airlines: Customers will be offered $10,000 for the damage

United Airlines: Customers will be offered $10,000 for the damage
Picture Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

New York: After a lot of menaces done by United Airlines to a customer, it has come with a remedial plan to regain its remaining reputation.

The Airlines has claimed to offer a sum of $10,000 for any such cases happening in the future and assured that it will become a customer focussed Airlines, as per a report by Deccan Chronicle.

“Our goal is to reduce incidents of involuntary denial of boarding to as close to zero as possible and become a more customer-focused airline,” the carrier said in the statement.

The offer by United came after the rival Airline offered an amount of $9,950 in such cases. The Airlines lost much of its credibility after their staff dragged a 69-year-old man across the aisle.

David Dao, the Vietnamese-American customer lost his two front teeth and broke his nose while the officials scuffled with him in order to off-board him.

United will now change the policy of overbooking and no customer will be asked to leave his seat, says the Airlines. They also stated that they will try to sort out the problem of overbooking which was 3% in case of no-show.

United will adopt a “no questions asked” policy on permanently lost baggage, paying customers $1,500 for the value of the bag and its contents, beginning in June. They also announced that Oscar Munoz, would not become company’s chairman in 2018 as stated in his employment agreement.