Tuesday , August 22 2017
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United Tamilians kick back BJP leader’s attempt to communalise Jallikattu

CHENNAI: The Jallukattu agitation has emerged as a symbol of Tamil unity and pride.

Protests have been taking place in many parts of the city since Monday in a peaceful manner.

People belonging to every faith are protesting against the ban on the popular and ancient bull-taming sport by the Supreme Court.

Muslims too come out in support of it with every Tamilians. Pictures on social media show Muslims offering Prayers (Namaz) behind the protest which give you an idea about how united Muslims and Hindus.

Not a single incident of violence has been reported. Not even single instance of misbehavior was reported despite so many young girls camping at protest venue which is worthy of praise.

But a senior BJP functionary from the saffron party is not so happy with the unity and therefore tweeted allegedly to communalise the movement by blaming Muslims for the death of a student.

H Raja, whose Twitter bio says he’s a National Secretary of the BJP, wrote:

“Student Vignesh vasudevan was brutally attacked by Muslims participating in Jallikattu agitation for holding National flag. I condemn this.”

His multiple hateful tweets evoked unprecedented reactions from social media users. Tamilians shuts him up and replied him with Muslim contribution to Jallukattu protest.

They condemned the politician for communalising the agitation.

Superstar Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vijay and double Oscar-winning composer A.R Rahman to express solidarity with youngsters protesting.

Support in favour of Jallikattu has also come from neighboring industries.

On Friday, all theatres across Tamil Nadu remain closed in support of the movement.