Unprecedented arrangements for pilgrims in Hyderabadi Rubat

, 10:35 AM IST

Hyderabad: Rubat caretaker has made unprecedented arrangements in Hyderabadi Rubats of Makkah Mukarrama for pilgrims. Special Officer Hajj Committee Prof. S A Shukoor termed the services of Rubat caretaker as promising and told that pilgrims residing in Rubats and Khadim ul Hujjaj informed him about the facilities provided by Rubat Caretaker. They told that Husain Mohammed Al-Shareef has made better arrangements as promised by him.

Pilgrims are not only provided three times meals but tea is also served. Free laundry facility is also available. Prof. S A Shukoor congratulated Husain Mohammed Al-Shareef for such excellent arrangements.

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