Urgently Required For Projects Manager in Hyderabad

Urgently Required For Projects Manager in Hyderabad

Job Description:

 Extend managerial support for projects implemented by Safa in collaboration with

various partners.

 Manage, lead, guide, supervise and capacitate respective centre/project coordinators

working for different projects under Safa.

 Plan and carry out activities and workshops intended to keep the implementing teams of

various projects connected with the mission, vision and goal of Safa.

 Support the Centre Coordinators in formulating the result oriented quarterly and annual

work plans.

 Ensure effective programme implementation at all the centres functioning under Safa.

 Regular monitoring of the activities carried out at all the centres by employing an online

evaluation mechanism or reporting system.

 Ensure smooth communication among all the centre coordinators.

 Ensure effective execution and accomplishment of the tasks at all the centres within

stipulated deadlines.

 Micro-manage all the projects through respective centre coordinators and make them

accountable for their duties.

 Manage and ensure appropriate cash disbursements at all the centres.

 Data Management/MIS and proper documentation of all the reports coming from various


 Schedule and hold weekly and monthly meetings with the project staff of all the centres.

 Orientation of the new recruits along with respective centre coordinators.

 Ideate and innovate strategies to streamline the functioning of various projects under


 Support Centre Coordinators in need analysis required at their respective centres and help

them in implementing extra-curricular activities.

 Must have and sustain active communication with all the partners of Safa.

 Desired Competencies:

 Must have excellent communication skills and strong command over verbal and written


 Must have excellent email etiquettes.

 Must be gender sensitive and strong inclination towards women development.

 Must be innovative and possess great leadership qualities.

 Must have a strong understanding of the issues pertaining to the urban slums.

 Must be proficient in computer applications required for the position.

Educational Qualification:

Must be Post Graduate in Management Studies or Social Sciences & Humanities with atleast 4

years of experience in Project Management.


(35,000 to 40,000/ Month)

How to Apply:

Interested candidates must forward their CV along with a cover letter mentioning their suitability

for the position to [email protected] by or before 30 April 2017.