Monday , December 5 2016
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US branded hotels could be target of attack: Consulate warns


Istanbul: The United States has warned its citizens of a potential security threat targeting US-branded hotels in southern Turkey, a US consulate said in a statement.

The consulate in southern Adana province said yesterday on its website that “it has obtained specific and credible threats of potential terrorist activity targeting US-branded hotels in Adana.”

It advised US citizens in Adana “to exercise caution when patronising these establishments.”

Adana hosts Incirlik air base — used by the US-led coalition for air strikes against the Islamic State group in Syria.

The US embassy last week warned of the risk of a terror attack in another Turkish city of Gaziantep close to the Syrian border on businesses frequented by Westerners, including the popular coffee chain Starbucks.

Turkey has been the target of a string of attacks blamed on Kurdish militants or the IS group.

A suicide bombing at a Kurdish wedding in Gaziantep last month killed 57 people, 34 of them children, and was blamed by Turkish authorities on IS jihadists.

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