US efforts to include India into NSG ‘greater design’ to contain China: Pak NSA Janjua

, 7:49 PM IST

Islamabad : Pakistan’s National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. (retired) Nasser Janjua has said that American efforts to include India in the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) is part of a ‘greater design’ to contain China and also to prevent the resurgence of Russia.

Lt. Gen. Janjua, speaking at a seminar on ‘Pakistan’s case for NSA membership’, yesterday said the current move by Washington to induct New Delhi into the 48-member elite group should be seen in the context of ‘global power politics trends’, reports the Express Tribune.

He was of the opinion that the move made by the U.S. is to contain China, prevent the resurgence of Russia and keep the Muslim world in a controlled chaos.

“So, it’s [part of] a greater design,” he argued.

The top Pakistani official cautioned that such implications American policies would ultimately bring Pakistan even closer to China.

While both India and Pakistan striving to make it into the 48-member Nuclear Suppliers Group, Islamabad is reportedly upset at the U.S. decision to aggressively campaign for New Delhi while ignoring Islamabad’s aspirations.

Pakistan has last month formally applied for a membership of the NSG, setting the stage for a showdown with India.

Pakistan fears that the induction of India into the elite group would disturb strategic balance and trigger a new arms race in South Asia. (ANI)