Wednesday , August 23 2017
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US launches satellite with world’s largest rocket

Florida: US successfully launched its ultra-secret spy satellite abroad world’s largest rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) Delta IV Heavy rocket lift a secret payload to space for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

The only information released by ULA about this secretive mission — called NROL-37 — is that it’s “in support of national defense,” according to a mission listing. While not much is known about the mission itself, the NRO was pretty upfront about what their (kind of creepy) mission patch for the payload represents.

According to a Facebook post from the NRO, the knight represents “a symbol of courage with a chivalrous code of conduct representing bravery, training, and service to others. The knight stands in front of the U.S. flag in a defensive posture as to protect at all cost. The eagle on the chest is a symbol of both freedom and the United States of America. The sword is a message of tenacious, fierce focus with the claws representing extreme reach with global coverage.”