US to be partner country at Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017

, 9:24 PM IST

New Delhi :The US has decided to become a partner country for the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, which is slated to be held in January next year.

“During the visit of Vibrant Gujarat delegation to the State Department, the United States decided to participate in the Vibrant Gujarat summit as a partner country,” a release said.

The visiting delegation had high-level engagements with senior officials of the US government and Congress leaders, thinkers and business magnates in Washington DC and New York during the roadshow and one-to-one meetings held on September 14-16.

Gujarat Resident Commissioner Bharat Lal extended the invitation to the CEOs and the top business leaders for the Vibrant Gujarat summit to be held on January 10-13, 2017.

He underlined that it will be a great opportunity for the companies to meet heads of state governments, ministers, senior policymakers, heads of international institutions and executives from corporates from around the world.