Wednesday , August 23 2017
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US Polls: Have Given USD 100 Million to Campaign, Will Do More, Says Trump

Washington: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has claimed he has personally contributed USD 100 million to his campaign and did not take any outside funds during state primaries.

“I will have over USD 100 million in the campaign, and I am prepared to go much more than that,” Trump, 70, told CNN in an interview yesterday (Wednesday) when asked if he is ready to pump in more of his personal money into the presidential campaign.

The New York-based billionaire said his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, 69, has not contributed any money from her personal finances.

“Hillary Clinton has nothing in the campaign. She has all special interests and donors and they are giving her money, then she will do whatever they tell her to do,” he said.

Trump said he did not take any contributions during the primaries, adding that in the run up to the general elections, he has started raising funds for the party.

“I will have over USD 100 million in, I am willing to invest more than that,” he said.

Trump, however, did not give details as to how many more money from his personal account he is willing to pay.
Even as he is trailing in majority of the polls, Trump said he is headed for a victory.

“I predicted Brexit. I am not even saying this is Brexit, but I think the result is going to be the same, if not more so. We are going to have a tremendous victory,” he said.

Trump said people do not want four more years of Obama. They do not want Hillary with all of the corruption and all of the problems.

“You see all of these WikiLeaks coming out and they are a disaster and when you see John Podesta who I think is terrible the way he speaks about her that she has bad instincts.

“Podesta saying that the person he works for has bad instincts, I think it is terrible. But so many other things even worse than that are out, it is about their honesty and their dishonesty. I really think that we are going to have a tremendous victory,” he said.

“We are going to be fighting hard. Now, we will be fighting hard, but I believe we are winning. I actually think we are winning. I do not even think it is a question of we are going to try and win,” Trump said.

He said new polls are coming out. “You start looking at the polls, what is happening, and more importantly, start looking at all the people going to vote and sending in their ballots, we are way ahead on virtually every state, every area, and I think we are going to have a great victory.

“We are leading Florida, we are doing great in North Carolina, we are doing great in Pennsylvania, we are doing great all over. We are doing really well in New Hampshire, Ohio, as you know, and Iowa, are doing fantastically well. I am telling you, CNN does not say it, but I think we are going to win,” Trump added.