US warns of nuclear conflict in South Asia

, 5:44 PM IST

Washington : The United States has warned against the risk of a nuclear conflict in South Asia, following China’s proposal for more talks on India’s application seeking membership to the Nuclear Suppliers Group on Sunday.

A senior US official, disagrees with China’s suggestion that India’s entry into NSG would affect strategic stability in South Asia, reports the Dawn.

The official however, did acknowledge the risk of a nuclear conflict in South Asia region and said “we are concerned by the increased security challenges that accompany growing stockpiles and the increased risk that a conventional conflict between India and Pakistan could escalate to include nuclear use.”

China argues that if India should be exempted from the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) then so should be Pakistan as both the countries have not signed the NPT.

US has already backed India’s bid to join the NSG and has urged other NSG members to admit India during the annual plenary session scheduled later this month.

The US official also added that improvement in relations between India, Pakistan and China would greatly enhance prospects for lasting peace, stability and prosperity in the region. (ANI)