Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Why did Vajpayee not ‘re-implement’ demonetization if it was a success: Congress

New Delhi: Coming down heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for saying the late Indira Gandhi lacked courage to demonetize high value currency, the Congress hit back at the Centre saying why was demonetization not re-implemented by BJP stalwart Atal Behari Vajpayee in 1978, if it was so successful in the first place.

Taking to Twitter, Congress leader Ahmed Patel accused the Centre of “promoting black money” and asked the ruling party to read up history properly as the grand old party had always been firmly against demonetization.

“From Rajendra Babu to Indiraji to Dr Singh,we have been consistent in opposing note ban. Those in habit of U turns should read history properly. In 1978, Vajpayee ji was part of decision to demonetize Rs 1000, as PM he re-introduced it. Can anyone say he put party interest before nation?” he said in a series of tweets.

Asserting that he respected Vajpayee, who was a cabinet minister during demonetization in 1078, Patel questioned that did he did not re-implement it during his government if it was a success. “I respect Vajpayee ji. He was Cabinet Minister during 1978 demonetization. Why he did not re-implement it during his govt if it was a success? Is it a coincidence that both, Rs 1000 note & Rs 2000 note is a legacy of NDA 1 & NDA 2. So who is promoting black money ,” Patel said.

Prime Minister Modi on Friday said Indira Gandhi rejected suggestions for demonetization in 1971, saying she wanted to win elections, but that resulted in poor economic conditions in the country. Alleging that Indira sold out India by ignoring advice to demonetize, Prime Minister Modi said, “She told her finance minister YB Chavan: ‘Are no more elections to be fought by Congress.'”

Stressing that the implementation of demonetization policy was required in 1971, but it was implemented now, the Prime Minister, hitting out at the opposition at the BJP Parliamentary Party meet, said, “For the Congress, party is bigger than nation; but for us, the nation is above the party.”