Watch: Veena Malik with husband Asad Bashir gifts a ‘hamd’ for fans

, 8:50 AM IST

Islamabad: Veena Malik has progressively improved herself after announcing that she has devoted herself to Islam. With a new project she has started her Ramzan transmission with a “hamd”. She says it is “a gift for fans”

She is joined by hubby Asad Bashir on the track, as well as famous qawwal Sher Miandad Khan Fareedi.

The idea for this collaboration came to producer Qaisar Nadeem, who approached Asad Bashir.

BAshir said “In school, I used to recite naats and hamd. When Qaiser bhai told me that Sher Miandad will be involved, and Veena as well, I thought it’d be an opportunity for me to work with Sher Miandadsahab and this is a chance I should not miss.”

Veena Malik added “He told me, ‘I have this brilliant concept. Qaiser sahab discussed with me that Khan sahab, you and me will read a Hamd together.'”

She was content to be a part of this project, “I was thrilled and said ‘of course, please arrange a meeting.'”