Venkaiah Naidu denounces kiss and beef festivals

Venkaiah Naidu denounces kiss and beef festivals

Hyderabad: M. Venkaiah Naidu the Union information and broadcasting minister said on Monday during the launch of Hyderabad chapter of Swarna Bharat Trust which was founded by his daughter Deepa Venkat at Mutchintala village that beef and kiss festivals are totally against the Indian culture and any public demonstration of such events must be condemned.

He said that the “youth must keep up the cultural image of the country, which is progressing through a technological revolution.”

Mr. Naidu also said that he would encourage his children to play a key role in the nation-building activities through the trust but he would never let them join politics. He said that his daughter’s trust had never got any financial assistance from either the Centre or any state government.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao appreciated the efforts of Ms. Venkat for taking up several activities connected to rural development and career-building.

He said that more than politics, social work can achieve better results. He also promised to support the trust members in their activities and also invited Deepa Venkat for a lunch to discuss on how to coordinate their activities.

Manohar Parrikar the Union defence minister was the chief guest, of the event. He encouraged the trust members for their efforts to create self-employment opportunities by training rural women. Mr. Parrikar said that career-building initiatives will help in the development of rural areas and improve the standards of the society.

Swarna Bharat Trust was established in 2001 at Atkur village near Vijayawada Airport with the aim to provide basic amenities in the villages.