Friday , August 18 2017
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VH Demands Centre to Replace HCU V-C

Alleging that the vice-chancellor P Appa Rao was the reason for the death of Hyderabad Central University student Rohit Vemula, Congress senior leader and Rajya Sabha Member V Hanumantha Rao has said that it was not proper for the Centre to continue Appa Rao as the VC though the students were opposing him.


Speaking to the media here on Monday after the Court trial, Hanumantha Rao demanded the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to pressurize the Centre to change the VC as he was getting support from ABVP student wing.


Demanding the Centre to implement the reservations in public sector and judiciary, VH asked the Centre to make Justice Ramana’s statement a reality.


Targeting TPCC new Committee announced on Saturday, VH alleged that the TPCC made the committee valueless one by appointing 31 members to the  Co-ordination Committee. Questioning the TPCC as to what was the need to insert a single person in many committees, VH opined that it was not possible to get the coordination within the 31 members of the Committee. (NSS)