Video: Argument over chair resulted in rampage at Ascot Racecourse, racegoer ripped his shirt off

Video: Argument over chair resulted in rampage at Ascot Racecourse, racegoer ripped his shirt off
--Courtesy "Daily Mirror"

Ascot [England]: A father-of-four, Traveler David Eves aged 47 goes shirtless during a rampage at Ascot Racecourse in Ascot on Thursday. The argument started over a chair which went so viral that Eves started shouting “Let’s finish it off” and threw punches at fellow spectators.

In the footage which was taken in Queen Anne Enclosure, Mr. Eves and another man can be seen using vulgar language at each other until security intervened.

According to the report published in Daily Mail, in the footage, Lee Marriott and Michael Darcy can be seen in the midst of the fight which involved both men and women. Mr. Eves can also be seen marching towards Mr. Marriott and throwing punches. Meanwhile, punters started screaming in shock.

It is also reported that both Mr. Marriott and Mr. Darcy work for PVM Oil Associates. After the incident, company issued statement that both of them were trying to calm down the situation. The company also claimed that their employees were only acting as good Samaritans and are not ejected from race course whereas the persons involved in the fight were ejected.

During the fight, abusive and vulgar language was also used. Even one woman was knocked down and her drink spilled over her. Women can also be seen slapping each other.

The entire video which went viral was posted on Twitter by Punter Dan Ingram with the caption: ‘GOD SAVE THE QUEEN’.

One of the onlookers said that the men grapple each other and broke the fence. He also said that soon women also got involved who pulled hair and scratch each other. However, another onlooker said that there was no killer punch and no one was knocked down. Some even tried to alert security that arrived the spot a few minutes later.

Spokesman of the Ascot said that security staff dealt incident. However, justifying incident, he said that such incidents in a crowd of 70, 000 is hard to be entirely eliminated. It may be mentioned that in 2011, on Ladies Day, a mass fight was also broke out in Ascot.

Despite such huge rampage, police was not alerted and no one was arrested.