Monday , August 21 2017
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Video: Christian graves and crosses destroyed in Allahabad


Allahabad: The Christian graveyard in Allahabad was destroyed and crosses damaged. This has upset the Christian community residing in Allahabad.

It is reported that the cemetery had become the center of gambling and drinking activities. The miscreants were indulging in unlawful activities.

Allahabad Heritage Society appealed to the people to help restore the graves. Local residents on social media shared the videos of the desecrated graves.

This happened in AllahabadLately, people found out that many graves of the Rajapur Cemetery, Allahabad have been vandalised by some unknown intruders… This is a heinous act… Strict actions should be taken and the culprits should be punished….Intruders have deliberately destroyed the cross of the graves and have tried to vandalise their plaques… It is an act targeted against a community and it's sentiments.. *Allahabad Heritage Society* appeals the citizens of Allahabad to come forward, SHARE this post and push the administration to take actions for the safety of the graves and security of the graveyard and punish those who are found guilty of this act.SAVE THE HERITAGE !Please all you Christian brothers and sisters come forward and fight for our rights.

Posted by Gordon Sylvester Desouza on Friday, 24 March 2017

According to the caretaker of the cemetery, Sanjay Alfred some miscreants were identified by the security guard a day before Holi.

A formal complaint would be launched after consulting the senior officials of the graveyard.