Video: Christian school slaps Rs. 1cr fine on 14-year-old Muslim boy for defamation

, 1:50 PM IST

Agra: In a bizarre incident in Agra, a school has slapped a fine of Rs 1 crore on a 14-year-old Muslim boy, Mohd Shahzan. St. Francis Convent run by the Christian minority education school, a class VIII student, a defamation notice seeking the above amount as damages.

According to TOI report, Sagir Ahmed had sent a legal notice to the school on April 18, on Shahzan’s behalf, after the school authorities refused to disclose the marks he had received in his final exams and the re-test.

Sagir, who works as a motor mechanic, said he was left with no choice except to serve a legal notice on the school, as the authorities were refusing to divulge the details of Shahzan’s marks despite repeated requests and the intervention of the education department.

Shahzan’s father had also sought details of his report card but the school had refused to disclose his score.

Ahmed alleged that the principal had intentionally failed his son and the school wanted Shahzan’s name to be dropped from the rolls by giving him a transfer certificate. To avoid this present situation, Ahmed had repeatedly requested the school authorities to provide him his son’s score details but in vain. Finally, Ahmed sent a legal notice to the school for violating HRD ministry’s rules that debars schools from failing children from Class I to Class VIII.

The school, in its reply, slapped a fine of rs 1 crore for defaming its image. The notice sent by school cited that Shanaz has to pay the fine within 15 days, with interest of 1% per month and if he fails to pay it then school will take legal action.