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Video: Delhi govt gives clean chit to Kanhaiya and Umar Khalid in sedition row

Video: Delhi govt gives clean chit to Kanhaiya and Umar Khalid in sedition row

In a report submitted to the Delhi Government on Thursday, the SDM observed, “No witness or any other evidence found which could suggest that Kanhaiya had delivered any anti-national speech.”

Kumar was granted bail on Wednesday by the Delhi high court after he was arrested nearly three weeks ago on sedition charges, which led to widespread protests across the country.

According to Delhi government sources, the so called pro Afzal Guru and pro Kashmir slogans were shouted in voices with a Kashmiri accent.

The report has also stated that it did not find any ‘conclusive evidence’ against JNU student Umar Khalid, despite the fact that he was present in a few demonstrations where anti national’ slogans were shouted.
It is to be noted that, Delhi court on Tuesday sent Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya, also a JNU student to a 14-day judicial custody in Tihar jail.

The zee news team was called to the event by ABVP’s Sourabh Sharma at 5.20 pm. The register entry of JNU that evening clearly reflects that. The media house was called to share video and details. They never complied. News Channel came in without the permission any permission from the university. This channel also flashed the news and there after Police obtained the copy from their officers and filed FIR.

As per police FIR, police obtained the video and after examination found that “people raised anti-national slogans under the leadership of Umar Khalid. The FIR does not state that Umar Khalid raised the slogans or Kanhaiya raised anti-India slogans. D
oubts in the mind of Police personnel regarding raising of Pakistan Zindabad Slogans and on who raised the slogans. However not in yhe Zee news raw footage and nor in the transcripts of the JNU videos shot by the security staff ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ not heard anywhere.

Mr Kumar, 28, was granted bail yesterday but was asked by the High Court to guarantee that he will not participate in any “anti-national activity” and was also warned against “misinterpreting freedom of speech”, which was likened to an “infection” that could cause gangrene.