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Video: Filled with passengers, bus drivers go on racing spree

Video: Filled with passengers, bus drivers go on racing spree
Picture Courtesy: NDTV

COIMBATORE: In a recent video showing two Coimbatore bus drivers carelessly racing on Coimbatore-Pollachi highway putting public, passenger’s lifes at risk has gone viral on YouTube.

The bus drivers as can be seen in the video are carelessly racing on track, while one of the drivers got onto the wrong track chasing the other, risking passengers as well as public’s life’s, violating all the highway rules in a heart clenching manner.

An official Pollachi, Gayatri Krishnan, acted after watching the video.
“Construction work is on in this stretch of the road and we have warned the bus owners that they will lose their permit if rash driving continues. We had seized licences of three drivers earlier for the same offence,” she said, adding that more road transport inspectors will be posted on highways to monitor any violations.

The main reason behind the violation believed is the rush to cover the 44 km road, attempting to bring in as much as customers.

“We are exploring possibilities to increase the timing so that there is no incentive for buses to drive in such unsafe manner,” Ms Krishnan said.
Earlier three drivers have lost their permits for violating the rules, as reported in NDTV.