Video: Gun culture increasing in Old City – Youth opened fire on his birthday, case registered

, 7:57 AM IST

Hyderabad: It seems that the gun culture is getting popular among the youths of Old City. In a recent incident in Tadband area of Falaknuma, a youth opened 12 rounds of fire in the air to celebrate his birthday which created panic among the residents of the area.

According to the details, Ibrahim Ali Baig (22), a resident of Falaknuma opened fire on the occasion of his birthday celebrated on 5th May. Its video went viral on social media. Ten days after this incident, the news spread rapidly on TV channels and WhatsApp as a result of which police were forced to take action against the youth. ACP of Falaknuma, Mr. Mohammed Tajuddin Ahmed told that Mirza Ibrahim Ali Baig is the son of the director of a school, Mirza Mohammed Ali Baig. He opened fire on the occasion of his birthday on 5th May. He further told that he and his elder son, Mushtaq Ali Baig have two licensed pistol and revolver.

Police is trying to find out which gun Mirza Ibrahim Ali Baig used in firing. Mr. Tajuddin told that illegal use of weapons and to make the video public through social media is a very dangerous culture. Police would take action against him. He informed that a case has been registered against the youth. Police are on the lookout for the youth.

It may be recalled that recently, near Shama Talkies, a similar incident had taken place in which fire was opened on the road during a wedding procession but police claimed that the gun was artificial. It is understood that in this case also police might justify the fire incident treating the gun artificial.

–Siasat News