Watch: Kanhaiya Kumar’s first talk after Patiala House Court attack

, 11:41 AM IST

Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union president Kanhaiya Kumar claimed that he was beaten and almost disrobed in the presence of police personnel in Patiala House Court premises.

Kanhaiya said on camera, “I identified my attacker, but the cops let the culprit go.”

In the video accessed by CNN-IBN, Kanhaiya told the SC team that the police did not arrest the attackers even after he had identified them in the courtroom.

It is the first statement of Kanhaiya on camera after Patiala House Court attack. Narrating the incident, Kanhaiya said, “The media ambushed me as soon as I reached the gate. Then the police brought me inside. And then a man in a lawyer’s uniform attacked me and it looked like he was waiting for the moment, sitting in anticipation. The attackers were calling others to join them, and shouting, ‘he’s arrived’. They were all attacking me, so much so that I was almost disrobed in the process.”

While talking to CNN-IBN, an emotional Kanhaiya said that he is a youngster, doing PhD in JNU and has full faith in the Constitution. I told the policeman that I wanted to lodge a complaint against this man, but nothing happened. After that I was made to sit and was offered water