Thursday , August 24 2017
Andhra Pradesh

Video: Kistappa’s son ransacks tollgate, attacks staff

Video: Kistappa’s son ransacks tollgate, attacks staff

Anantapur: In yet another political julum, TDP MP Nimmala Kistappa’s son Ambarish attacked the staff at Bagepally tollgate and ransacked the equipment for stopping his car for toll collection on Monday.

Ambarish was proceeding towards Karnataka when the tollgate staff asked him to pay the toll at Bagepally. Enraged by the insistence by the tollgate staff, Ambarish, along with his followers, came out of the car and broke the cabin glass and computers saying they can’t ask him for toll fee. The MP’s son also attacked the staff. He reportedly shouted at the staff saying how dare they stopped an MP’s son for toll fee.

Taken aback, the panicked staff took to their heels. Later Ambarish reached the Bagepally police station and lodged a complaint against the tollgate staff. Curiously, MP Kistappa also had a tiff with the staff at the same tollgate sometime back over a similar issue.

Chandrababu Reprimands MP’s Son

Meanwhile, after seeing the CCTV footage that was telecast in the media, Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu ordered an inquiry into the incident. Chandrababu is reported to have reprimanded Ambarish after calling his father Kistappa. Ambarish is a rising ‘son’ in Anantapur politics. (NSS)