Monday , August 21 2017
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Video: Latina jumps to rescue Muslim woman from abuse on NY subway

NEW YORK: A young woman comes to the defense of a Muslim couple on a New York City subway train after a co-passenger aboard spewed hatred for their existence in the US.

The video posted recently uploaded to YouTube going viral starts off with the Latina woman from Puerto Rico verbally harassing the Muslim couple, “Why are you here?” the woman is heard shouting. “Why are you in this country if you’re not with us?”

This prompted another woman passenger identified as Tracey Tong, 23 to defend the Muslim couple.

The half-Chinese half-Peruvian, Tong pleads with the woman in Spanish, and after that she switches to English to stop disrespecting the innocent people.

“I’m not telling you to be quiet; I’m asking you to please respect her. In Spanish, in English, in Chinese, in French, whatever language you want me to tell you; I will say it to you. Whether you’re born from here, Puerto Rico, wherever you’re born from. Because I am born here, and I don’t like the way you’re treating her.

She continues:

“We’re here in it together. We’re all in this together. Whether we like what’s going on in the government or not, you gotta deal with it. You’re a grown woman. You suck it up and you defend your brothers and sisters because that’s what you are. If you’re a part of this country, you’re brothers and sisters with everyone.”

This video of young fearless woman stopping racist rant, which becomes a common occurrence in the U.S. under President Donald Trump, is going viral on the social media making her a hero.