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Video: Live Murder caught on CCTV

Video: Live Murder caught on CCTV

Mumbai: Shocking video footage of live murder has been recorded on CCTV footage where a local criminal was brutally butchered to death by 11 men in broad day light in Maharashtra’s Dhule District.

33-year-old Rafiquddin, a local criminal was at a tea stall when 11 mobsters barged in at him hitting him in the head, dragging his body from in side out into the open area and repeatedly butchering him with swords even after he died.

The murder that took place in broad day light on Tuesday has emerged now. The video footage shows the mobsters jumped at him and dragged him after shooting him in the head. One of the mob members kept assaulting Rafiquudin unless he was pulled away by one of his gang members. The mobsters later took off on bikes after brutally assaulting him.

According to the Police, Rafiquddin was repeatedly stabbed 27 times before his killers fled the crime scene. The Eye witnesses have filed a FIR and few attackers have also been identified, who belong to a rival gang. So far no arrests have been made.

There were about 30 criminal cases registered against Rafiquddin said the officers Rafiquddin.