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Video: Meet Rohit Batra, spreading true message of Islam

Video: Meet Rohit Batra, spreading true message of Islam

NEW DELHI: A video is doing rounds on social media where a youngster named Rohit Batra who is spreading the message of Allah (SWT) and the true meaning of Islam.

Rohit has a good knowledge of Islam, he says that Islam is a religion that defines everything in the world. It is important for people of every religion to know about Islam.

Explaining a verse from Surah Al-i’Imran (Chapter No 3, Verse No 64 ), Rohit told about the message of brotherhood given by Allah (SWT) in Qur’an. It is written in the Quran that God is one and none other than Him.

“Say you, O people of the Book! Come towards such a word which is common between us and you, that is weworship none but Allah and associate no partner with Him; and none of us make one another as Lord besideAllah; then if they do not accept then say, ‘bear witness that we are Muslims.”

Those who have trusted me, take their feet in one place. You cannot blame others’ words in this, Rohit explains that he got knowledge and information about Islam through religious scholars like Dr. Zakir Naik and some Islamic scholars.

He further added that when he started listening to them, he  felt that they were not provoking anyone with the message or information they were giving, but they were trying to bring them all together.