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Video: MIM protests for MLA’s photo but not against lynching of Muslims

Video: MIM protests for MLA’s photo but not against lynching of Muslims

Hyderabad: Muslims are being targeted continuously in the entire country in the name of Gau Raksha. When Mr. Muqtar Abbas Naqvi, the only Muslim Minister of Union Govt. was on a visit to Hyderabad, the MIM activists protested against the non-inclusion of the photograph of the Nampally MLA on the banner of the program instead of protesting against the lynching of Muslims everywhere.

As a consequence of this protest, Mr. Muqtar Abbas Naqvi had to go back without inaugurating “Gharib Nawab Kushal Vikas Kendra” at Vijaya Nagar Colony. In a hurry, the officials pasted the photograph of local MLA on the banner. The conciliatory efforts of Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Dy.CM was successful and then local MIM MLA permitted the arrival of Mr. Naqvi. The function was therefore, delayed.

In the same manner, with the fear of probably protest, the photograph of MIM MLA of Nampally was pasted on the banner in the function to be held at Haj House.

When the news of Muslim organizations protesting against the silence of Mr. Naqvi on the lynching of Muslims reached, the MIM MLA of Nampally raised the issue of targeting the Muslims in the name of Gau Raksha and desired Mr. Naqvi to express his views. The local political party expresses its opposition against Central Govt. through public meetings, press statements and conferences but when the occasion arises to register protest against the Central leadership or its representatives, they keep quiet. An active member of MIM told that he had received instructions from top leadership for not registering any protest against Mr. Naqvi on the occasion of vaccination camp meant for Haj pilgrims whereas the activists were getting impatient to express their sentiments but the directive from the top leadership of MIM disappointed them.

—Siasat News