Video: Muslim couple speaks to the media after they were beaten on train while returning from Hyderabad over suspected beef

, 9:26 AM IST

Harda: Muslim couple who was beaten on train while returning from Hyderabad over suspected beef said that they were scared when right-wing activists stormed the general compartment of Kushinagar Express.

Naseema Bano (38) wife of Mohammed Husain (43) said that she was pushed towards toilet by right-wing activists. She also added that Gauraksha Samiti members threw out her bag containing 30 kg of pulses and slapped her husband. However, she added that they were neither shouting any slogans nor carrying any weapons. Police intervened and saved them, Naseema added.

Later, Naseema thought that she and her husband were still alive so why to file a police complaint and invite further harassment. Couple also claimed that the activists said that they had conducted such raids two days before on another train.


On Wednesday when train halted at Khirkiya station, they sealed the exits of the general compartment and started searching their bags but failed to find “Beef”.

It is to be noted that the incident occurred when the couple was returning from Hyderabad. Talking on the media, Mohammed Husain told that the miscreants pushed and misbehaved his wife when she objected for searching their luggage. Later, a constable came to their rescue. He also said that the black bag from which the meat was seized did not belong to him. However, Husain also added that in Harda town there is no communal feeling inspite of only two Muslim families in the Hindu-dominated locality.

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Meanwhile, Police arrested Hemant Rajput and Santosh, members of the Samiti. They made a statement they acted upon the information given by some of the passengers.

Police also arrested nine local residents, including one relative of the couple. They were arrested manhandling Samiti member on the platform. However, they are released on bail.