Thursday , August 17 2017
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Video: One accused arrested in Bengaluru abduction and molestation case


Bengaluru (Karnataka): One person was detained in connection with the abduction and molestation of a 25-year-old woman in Bengaluru on Monday.

A horrifying CCTV footage shows a young woman being brazenly abducted and molested, while she was near her paying guest (PG) accommodation in Bengaluru.

The incident took place on April 23 but came to the fore on Monday when a police complaint was filed in the case.

The victim is seen talking on her mobile phone on the street outside her PG accommodation when she is suddenly grabbed by the unidentified man. He took her to an under-construction building nearby and allegedly molested her. The victim bit the kidnapper’s hand and managed to flee the spot.

Speaking to media persons, the woman had earlier said she wanted the accused to get punished.

“Now according to the help of all your support, I want the person to be arrested or be punished very strictly,” she said, adding, “the PG (paying guest) uncle has already registered the complaint.”

Meanwhile, women activists condemned the incident and criticised local authorities for ‘breakdown’ in law and order situation in the IT hub of the country.

“Such brazen incidents, you know, where a person has the courage to pick up a girl from the street even before 10 o’ clock in the night in a city which is not just an Indian city but it is a global city where people come from all over the world. Men and women are there, they are working, there are night shifts, and there are day shifts. Every time the girls are out on the streets, people are on the streets and somebody has the courage to pick up a girl and go and molest her and do all this is absolutely unacceptable. This really speaks volumes about complete breakdown of law and order,” said a women activist, Ranjana Kumari in New Delhi.