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Video: RSS leaders creating hurdle in offering Namaz in Amroha

Video: RSS leaders creating hurdle in offering Namaz in Amroha

AMROHA: Communal tension erupts in Sakatpur village of Amroha district in Uttar Pradesh after Muslims were prevented from offering Namaz in a masjid.

The Muslim villagers accused that the RSS leader of causing hurdles in performing ‘Namaz’ and forcibly preventing them from going to the masjid who went there to offer prayers.

According to the media report, Sukhrampal Rana belonging to the Bharatiya Kisan Sangh gathered the people in the village and organized a meeting and then raised provocative slogans against Muslims and abused them.

Not only this, their organization has also posted an objectionable which went viral on social media, due to which the environment of the village has become tense.

It will be worth mentioning that on May 21, the same RSS leader had hurled a shoe at the police officer during the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath program in Moradabad, but neither a case registered nor he got arrested but left free due to his association with RSS.

Looking at this situation, the Muslims of the village are now talking about migrating from there.

Talking to a Hindi news channel ABP, a local Muslim said, ‘We were not allowed to pray in the mosque. we were forcibly move outside the mosque and now the police is sitting there. Now the circumstances remain the same, we will be forced to migrate. We are not allowed to live peacefully. The police are cooperating with the government.”

Police has been deployed in the village after the situation becomes tense.

A case has been registered against the farmer leader and his supporters for spoiling communal harmony, dissolving peace, spreading hatred and disturbing the atmosphere of in Saidangli.

Ever since the BJP government came into power at UP, the law and order in the state was not on the right track and the police administration was not taking prompt action against the wrong-doers.