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Video: Son reunited with mother after 17 yrs, emotional scenes at Sharjah airport

Video: Son reunited with mother after 17 yrs, emotional scenes at Sharjah airport
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DUBAI: You can’t put it in words how happy and emotional she was when she tightly embraced her 21-year-old son for the first time in 17 years.

It was emotional for everybody present at the Sharjah international airport on Friday morning of July 27 when a son reunited with the mother and his sister.

According to Khaleej Times who broke the story, Noorjahan of Narikkunni village of Kozhikode district in Kerala was married to a Sudanese man and had a son and a daughter.

The Sudanese man took his 4-year-old son Hani Nader Mergani Ali away to Sudan, 17 years ago, leaving Noorjahan and two daughters. There has been no communication between them since then.

When sister Shameera got employed in Dubai, she took an initiative to contact her lost brother.

Through her strong desire and constant efforts, the sibling finally got in touch through social networking sites. With the help of Malayalees in Sudan and Abu Dhabi, she finally spots Hani.

But the reunion was half as mother was still in Kerala.

And then, there was Talha Shah, a Pakistani businessman who made the mother-son rendezvous possible.

Owner of Ain Al Shaheen trading, Talha Shah has come out openly for Hani’s reunion by offering a flight ticket for Noorjahan, to come to Dubai to meet her son.

Cheers and tears went up with hugging and kissing when Noorjahan arrived at Sharjah international airport and met her lost son Hani.

A resident of Islamabad, Shah said that it has nothing to do with the relations between India and Pakistan. “This is of humanity. The story touched my heart and I wanted to do something for this family,” he added.

“When I first read about the siblings in Khaleej Times, I decided to do something for them. I tried to get him a job, but by the time he was offered another job. So I offered him help to bring their mother to the UAE as he need not wait any more to meet his mom,” Talha Shah told Khaleej Times.

Overjoyed sister Shameera thanks everybody who has offered help after the report about reunion came out.