Video: The story of 3 O’ clock of GHMC elections after which all political leaders suffered

, 8:31 AM IST

Hyderabad: The incidents which took place after 3 p.m. on GHMC polling day made most of the political parties suffer. After slapping Dy. CM’s son more than fear, anxiety prevailed. On the other hand, Congress leader of Opposition, Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir and PCC President, Mr. Uttam Kumar Reddy were subjected to brutal attack. The next target was the old rival of MIM, Mr. Amjadullah Khan Khalid who received blows.

Are all these events accidental or pre-planned?

According to authentic information, Hyderabad MP, after getting the information of less polling, could not control his anxiety for a longer time. He immediately sent his MLA to CM’s farmhouse. After this meeting, police got instructions at 3:15 p.m. to be lenient. After this, be it Dy. CM’s son or opposition leader, there was no discrimination. The hooligans lost control and resorted to violence in which Dy. CM’s son, Mr. Azam Ali Qurram was affected.

Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir had become the target on account of his sarcastic remarks and violent speeches against MIM. He used to expose the failures of the Govt. some times in the Legislative Council and through press. The hooligans of MIM targeted Shabbir with blows and kicks and they also attacked Amjadullah Khan Khalid at Gunpoint who received blows.

–Siasat News