Video: Two Hyderabadi Muslim youths pressurized by NIA to give witness against 11 arrested youths

, 7:40 AM IST

Hyderabad: National Investigation Agency is pressurizing two Muslim youths, Adnan Ahmed and Noman Jameel to give witness against the 11 Muslim youths arrested recently. They alleged that Subhash and Ajeet of NIA offered them to come to Delhi for which they promised to give airticket. They were asked to give witness against the 11 Muslim youths arrested last week that they having contact with ISIS. The NIA Officers also threatened that if they do not do so, they will be implicated in criminal cases.

Mr. Nooman Jameel of Kareem Nagar told that the NIA officers who contacted him took his signatures on a document. When he made an attempt to read the contents of the document, he was warned that he should do what he is told to do, otherwise there will be serious consequences. It may be mentioned that Nooman was taken into custody of NIA in 2014 alleging that he had contact with ISIS but later he was released after counseling as they could not find any proof.

Adnan Ahmed told that he is a software engineering. He is also being harassed by NIA to give witness agaisnt the 11 arrested youths. They exposed the conspiracy of NIA in a press Congress held at Press Club yesterday. Mr. Lateef Mohammed Khan and Mr. Abdul Jabbar of Civil Liberties Society had arranged the Press Conference.

Mr. Lateef Mohammed Khan told that it is now evident the way NIA is functioning. It is clear that these two Muslim youths are being pressurized to give false witness. He appealed to the Human Rights Organizations to come forward to save the lives of these two youths in order to get their future safe. He expressed his apprehension that these Muslim youths would be implicated in false cases by NIA.

–Siasat News