Thursday , August 24 2017
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Video: World ignoring Rohingyas, a Stateless community

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New Delhi: Rohingyas, a Muslim minority group of Myanmar are facing atrocities in their home land.  Myanmar does not acknowledge these persecuted Rohingyas as their citizen and restrict their rights. Basic life support needs are denied to them.

Myanmar considers them ‘Bengalis’ and alleges that they are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. On the other hand, Bangladesh denies acknowledging them as their citizen.

After mass violence in 2012, more than one lakh Rohingyas were forced to leave Myanmar. Many were forced to work as bonded labour while others are trafficked. Due to non availability of documents, many landed in jails too.

According to the news published in TOI, a victim of atrocities, Shamseeda Begum (24) said, “The police would just grab any woman they wanted and rape her”.

Rohingyas in India

In India, Rohingyas are forced to reside as refugee on the land granted by Zakat Foundation, a charitable organization.

These refugees are living in a very bad condition. They reside in a house of cardboard, plywood and tarpaulin. The area in which these refugees reside is thick with flies.

In India, they prefer Hyderabad, Jammu, Mewat, parts of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi to take shelter. They are provided with long-stay visas and UNHCR cards.

According to few refugees, sometime in India, people in saffron clothes threaten them and ask them to go to Pakistan.

But the big question which is unanswered is why this world’s most prosecuted and Stateless community is ignored by the world?