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VIP culture: Haryana police still using blue beacon

VIP culture: Haryana police still using blue beacon
Picture Courtesy: India Today

Chandigarh: Despite a national ban, beacons are used by bureaucrats, politicians and their family members in Haryana
ADGP, OP Singh on Monday when questioned about blue beacons on the vehicle of Haryana police, parked outside the police station, said he will instruct the police officials to remove the beacons, use of which is now a crime, reported India Today.

Caught on the camera, the son of a politician had an amber on his vehicle in Ambala. However, the ban on red beacon came into force from today in Punjab and Haryana, besides the neighbouring Himachal Pradesh.

Having the ban in place, it is still evident from the vehicles of politicians and bureaucrats that they still have a VIP air with their vehicle due to official flags and flag rods.

The judges of Punjab and Haryana High Court, including the Chief Justice, who was exempted from the ban, also removed it from their official vehicles.

Removing a red beacon may force the VIP vehicles to move with other ordinary vehicles but with the flags, they will still be considered as VIPs.