Wakf Board file reached social media – HC decides against Wakf Board

Wakf Board file reached social media – HC decides against Wakf Board

Hyderabad: Social media had facilitated the illegal transfer of files. The latest example is a file which was missing from the records of Wakf Board was put on watsapp. The officials of Wakf Board were wonderstruck. The matter was investigated and the official was responsible for putting the file on watsapp was dismissed from service.

According to the report, a file pertaining to wakf property in Warangal was sent to the concerned section. A person by name Mirza Baig took a copy of this file and passed on to the other party. It is alleged that he accepted Rs. 20 thousand for this work. The other party challenged the High Court the decision taken by Wakf Board as a result of which High Court set aside the orders of Wakf Board since the affected party had produced the entire file in High Court.

The official of Wakf Board, Mirza Baig is a temporary employee. He confessed that he had passed on the file to the concerned party. He also confessed that he had accepted money for this.

CEO of Wakf Board, Mr. Mohammed Asadullah told that a strict vigil is being kept on the activities of the officials of Wakf Board. He warned that in future any such activity would be viewed seriously and stern action would be taken against the culprit irrespective of his position. Such action is serious crime which puts hurdles in the protection of Wakf properties.

–Siasat News