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Wakf Board team visits Muslim graveyards in Bhainsa – Report in one month

Hyderabad: The three member team appointed by Telangana State Wakf Board consisting of Maulana Akbar Nizamuddin, Mr. Malik Mutasim Khan and CEO Mr. Mannan Farooqui visited Muslim graveyards in Bhainsa. They heard the representations made by local Muslims.


It may be mentioned that the attempts of getting NOC from Wakf Board for the construction of boundary walls for three Muslim graveyards met with conflicts. The local Muslims are irritated that shops were constructed on the wakf land belonging to Abdullah Khan Graveyard. The descendants of Abdullah Khan also represented that the land on which shops have been constructed is a wakf property. Municipality also made a claim of its ownership on this land whereas a section of Muslims reported that the shops constructed are outside the graveyard boundary. A lot of confusion was witnessed when various parties indulged in making allegations on each other. A large number of women also opposed the claim of ownership made by Municipality. Witnessing the tense situation, the three member committee decided to hold hearing at the local institute, Darul ul Uloom where representations and documents were received.


The social activists of Welfare Party of India, Aam Aadmi party and others presented documentary evidence of the land being a graveyard. The officials of Wakf Board informed the three members committee that as per the wakf records, the land admeasuring 3111 belongs to graveyard.


The committee visited Maulvi Saheb graveyard also. In front of this graveyard there are shops which the MIM activists declared as Wakf properties. The owners of the shops produced registered documents to the committee.


On the insistence of the local Muslims, the committee visited Suleman Tekdi Muslim graveyard also and assured that it would be protected.


Talking to newsmen, Maulana Akbar Nizamuddin and Mr. Malik Mutasim Khan told that the records of Revenue, Municipality and Wakf Board would be examined and a report would be presented within a month. Maulana Nizamuddin made a reference to the Supreme Court judgment according to which any building constructed on wakf land becomes wakf property. He further told that if the shops constructed on the land of Abdullah Khan Graveyard are proved to have been constructed on wakf land, the committee would recommend that it is a wakf property. He informed that any decision taken by the committed would be based on documents. The top priority would be to protect wakf land. The officials of Wakf Board who were present there told that the complete wakf record is available to prove that the land belonging to Abdullah Khan Graveyard admeasuring 3111 sq. yards is a wakf property.


–Siasat News