Wakf Board’s action against Anwar-ul-Uloom Education Society – SM Iqbal seeks report

Wakf Board’s action against Anwar-ul-Uloom Education Society – SM Iqbal seeks report

Hyderabad: Commissioner of Minorities Welfare and Competent Authority of Govt. of A.P., Mr. Shaik Mohammed Iqbal, IPS wrote a letter to CEO of Telangana Wakf Board seeking information about the action taken against Anwar-ul-Uloom Education Society in compliance with the High Court decision.

Mr. Iqbal sent this letter to the CEO of Telangana Wakf Board and marked a copy of it to Central Wakf Council, New Delhi. In his letter, Mr. Iqbal informed that he had initiated action against Mr. Mahboob Alam Khan, Secretary, AU Education Society to cancel self-styled managing committee under section 67 of Wakf Act 1995 and to take the management of the society and its assets under the direct control of Wakf Board.

The secretary challenged the order of Wakf Board through a writ petition 40560/2014 in the High Court. Hyderabad High Court in its judgment dated 1st December 2016 authorized Wakf Board to issue orders as per the records available in Wakf Board.

Mr. Iqbal further told that in the orders of the High Court, there is a mention of English translation of the Wakf deed which is available with the consul of the society. The petitioner was given three weeks’ time for giving reply. Mr. Iqbal also informed that secretary of the society filed a case of defamation against Mr. Iqbal. He desired the CEO of Wakf Board to furnish the details of the proceedings of Supreme Court.

Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel, IAS, Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare confirmed that the letter of Mr. SM Iqbal has been received and he is issuing a memo to CEO Wakf Board to take action in the light of High Court orders and the records available with the Wakf Board.

It may be mentioned that Mr. Iqbal had initiated proceedings against important wakf institutions and their mutawallis for the irregularities committed by them but after his transfer to A.P. State, all these cases have either been shelved in cold storage or entangled in legal complications.

–Siasat News