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Want to earn money on YouTube? This is what you need!

Want to earn money on YouTube? This is what you need!

New Delhi: YouTube has announced a change to its partner program to curb abusive accounts and copyright theft. From now onwards the creators won’t be able to turn on monetization until they hit 10,000 lifetime views on their channel.

After a channel hits 10,000 views and applies to the program.YouTube counts a view after somebody watches it for about 30 seconds. Then it will review its activity to confirm it is following the site’s community guidelines and advertiser policies.

Ariel Bardin, vice president of product, wrote in the post that.”Together these new thresholds will help ensure revenue only flows to creators who are playing by the rules.”

This move has been initiated after major brands started pulling out their ad business from YouTube after fearing that they would be indirectly funding terrorism and illegal activities on the video platform.

Even Google has implemented the policing on its websites by adding Fact Check as a feature to the search engine. It also said that they will be employing more staff to do fact checks manually rather than wait for people to flag them.

These new rules may help YouTube keep offensive videos away from the brands that spend money marketing on their platform.