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Waqf Mafia plans to convert Hajj House building into commercial hub

Waqf Mafia plans to convert Hajj House building into commercial hub

Hajj House building Nampally is being gradually converted into commercial hub. Permission for some commercial activities without bringing into the knowledge of Waqf Board Competent Authority has worried Waqf Board workers.

It must be noted that Hajj House has been constructed on Waqf land and the Mansha-e-Waqf is to provide educational assistance to Muslims. However the building has been completely converted into the hub of government and private offices. The rising interference of Waqf mafia into the internal affairs of Waqf Board and influence of brokers in government schemes have forced the Waqf Board authorities to allow commercial activities.

An online centre has been set up to pave way for unauthorised activities. Waqf Board officials, without seeking the approval of Competent Authority, in an open auction have agreed to provide space to two persons in building cellar. Interestingly the person who was levied a fine of Rs. 1 lakh for setting up centre illegally, was also invited in open auction. He has not paid the fine amount to Waqf Board so far. According to sources several other persons belonging to various professions have also approached Waqf Board seeking space to set up stalls of their business.

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