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Waqf properties occupied by Waqf Board employees

Waqf properties occupied by Waqf Board employees

Hyderabad: On one side Waqf Board has intensified its campaign for rent hike of Waqf properties in order to increase Waqf Board revenue. But some Board workers and previous employees are residing in Waqf properties paying paltry rent.

Chief Executive Officer Waqf Board Mohammed Asadullah admitted that 8 Waqf Board employees are staying in Waqf properties as tenants. Board has initiated measures to increase rents. He said Board doesn’t believe in any clemency or partiality.

Waqf properties be they possessed by anyone, will be protected and it is the duty of the Board to increase rent. He added, Board will soon issue notice to 8 workers asking them to increase rent. They are staying in the Waqf properties for nearly 20 years. Besides staying in Waqf properties, they are also said to be receiving house rent allowance. Ironically their minimum rent is 330 while maximum rent is Rs. 1260.

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