Monday , August 21 2017
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Watch: Ajaz Khan house raided-Action ka reaction?

MUMBAI: Big Boss fame actor Ajaz Khan who was recently in news of his post against cow vigilantism written a post on his Facebook page that nearly a dozen policemen raided his house.

On Wednesday night, around 10, the former Big Boss contestant wrote and also went live on Facebook in which he told that he is out on a shoot and wife and child are alone at home.

About 10 or 12 policemen have reached his house who said that they have drugs in their house.

In the video, expressing apprehension that the police want to implicate him in false drug case, Ajaz appeal his neighbours and friends to just go to house and show their love and tell the officials that they are not alone.
“They want to make a search without a warrant. My wife and child are alone. You guys know my house. Just go home and show your love,” said Ajaz on Facebook.

Millions of people have watched his Facebook videos so far while thousands have reacted on the post. However, no response has been received by the police in this case.

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