Watch: Brilliant Barkha Dutt’s speech at The Telegraph National Debate

, 1:27 PM IST

Kolkota: Barkha Dutt, an award-winning journalist and Consulting Editor with NDTV delivered a punchy, heartfelt, modulated speech on current intolerance debate.

She fantastically represented the facts by pointing out either to Jayalalithaa who is considering freeing people involved in the murder of Rajiv Gandhi or Parkash Singh Badal who is thinking of freeing convicted terrorists or PDP Chief Mufti Mohammed Sayeed who also protested against Afzal Guru’s execution, yet no one calls any one of these people ‘anti-national’.

But a boy called Kanhaiya Kumar charged with sedition because of the slogans raised.

She asked Kanhaiya, ‘can you define azadi in one sentence?’ And he said: ‘Azadi for me is the freedom to implement the Indian Constitution’. This was his definition of azadi. Not azadi from India but azadi in India.

She said the way the Babri Masjid was co-ordinated between BJP and Congress because Rajiv Gandhi allowing the unlocking of the Masjid  is shameful and both BJP and Congrees has to take the blame for that.

She is neither a supporter of BJP nor Congress. She’s a capitalist and a free marketer. She loves the army. But she’s also a free-thinker.

Watch the video: