Watch: College student dance on the busy road, women trashes dancing girl

, 4:25 PM IST

A woman took everyone by surprise when she slapped a girl member of a dance troop for interrupting traffic at the Payyanur bus stand in the Kannur district of Kerala.

The woman (some reports identify the lady as the girl’s mother) was tired of waiting for the flash mob to finish their performance so that traffic could start moving and the bus could go,according to the report.

In a video that has gone viral, a bunch of college student’s dance to the popular number Lean On by Major Lazer and DJ Snake at a crowded bus stand. All goes well till the end of the song, when the students start clapping giving onlookers the impression that the performance is over. But seconds later, the groups form a line again and start dancing to another song, and that’s when a sari clad woman comes rushing in and hits one of the girls performing.