Watch: Conspirators exposed with fake Kanahaiya’s anti-India videos

, 6:34 PM IST

New Delhi: JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested for alleged ‘anti-India’ slogans. Does he really raise anti- national slogans?

A video caught by ABP News camera is being circulated on social media, shows him raising ‘azadi’ slogans.

The video captured on February 11 shows Kanhaiya shouting slogans with a lot of energy and scores of students were following him. But, he never said anything against the country.

But what he said in his slogan?

He said that he wanted freedom from poverty, freedom for communal blood-shed, freedom from social disparity. He never even once raised any anti-India slogan.

Other news channels have also telecast it, showing distorted video of Kanahaiya raising slogans.

Here is the fake and real video: