Watch: Due to rare medical condition, baby goat born with human like lips

, 12:00 PM IST

Kozhikode: A farmer named V Chandra from Kozhikode in Kerala has become famous on Youtube when his footage feeding the baby goat suffering from a rare medical condition went viral.

Doctors told that the goat suffers a disorder called anophthalmia which causes due to exposure to x-rays, chemical and viruses, as per a report by DC.

Chandra with his wife decided to rear the goat at their farm. This a sheer example of love and compassion, while on the other hand, some people are killing other human beings to show their love for the cow.

People considered the goat evil and even suggested Chandra to let it die, but he decided to adopt it. As footage of the baby goat lying in a cardboard box while having milk since it can’t get milk from its mother.

The gesture by this farmer has again given a ray of hope to the people of a place which is heading towards vigilantism.

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