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Watch: Girl reunite with father, sister after 10 year online struggle

Watch: Girl reunite with father, sister after 10 year online struggle

New Delhi: There was not a dry eye in sight after a father reunited with his daughter.

Siasat’s Facebook friend Amir Qureshi was the happiest man on the earth when he shared the reunion of him with his daughter Binza Qureshi.

A father’s longing for her daughter grew stronger and at last after a decade and a social media search, Amir reunited with Binza.

According to Amir, he had been looking for his daughter who was just 8 years old when she was abducted by his ex-wife.

The accused mother, who cannot be named was married to a Canadian green card holder, who emerged as cruel step-father to the child and turned his daughter Binza Qureshi into a rebel, alleged the father.

He was continuously looking for his children and in last 10 years.

On 22. April 2016, Binza had a big fight at home with her mom and step farther. With no phone, no money, she left home and moved to her friend’s mothers house.

“On Saturday I found her email address and I sent her mail that I’m her real father. And then she and I exchanged few mails. Later she brought her friends laptop and we did video chat on Monday night. I told Hadia and Aatif to go to Vancouver as I don’t have visa for Canada and I cant reach there immediately. ( We were not aware that she has moved out of the house, we were running to Vancouver because of family love). Hadia and Aatif reached Vancouver on Tuesday morning at 3 am and met Binza at 9 am . It was then we came to know that she had moved out of the house and was living without a single dollar. Hadia put 500 dollars in her pocket , took her for shopping and outing etc. and now they are on the way to New York. This thing was not possible for humans, it was only Gods help which reached to my daughter,” said the father.