Watch: Lucknow Policemen fight in public allegedly over bribe share

, 10:46 AM IST

Lucknow:A video of Lucknow policemen has gone viral in social media. Allegedly, the cops started beating each other after a brawl with a homeguard over clearing traffic jam in Itaunja area.

Policeman Virendra Yadav has been suspended after he fought with the homeguard over clearing the traffic jam and a letter has been written to Homeguard directorate for seeking action against the homeguard, Superintendent of Police Manjil Saini said.

Earlier a video clip went viral on social media in which two policemen were seen fighting with each other.

Initially, there were reports that the two policemen clashed with each other over sharing bribe collected from trucks and local vendors.

“This is not true at all. Moreover the video is nearly two-three days old,” Saini said.